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1. Add or Claim your Listing

Upload photos, videos, add links to your website and social media, add
your  address, hours of operation, add your  exact location. Claim your
listing, and a badge will be added to mark it as official and allow you
to update it whenever you want.


2. Increase your earnings

Once discovered, visitors will come to you!
Promote your business with Ad listings that will appear on the top of
all pages and marked as exclusive in the home page.


3. Boost your business

Instant discovery by visitors on approved/submitted listings.Once you submit your listing we will approve and will appear
immediately throughout the website and will be searchable by interested
visitors in similar places. Your listing will also be indexed and get
discovered quickly by search engines and convert your visitors into



The most friendly user Interface (UI) dashboard. View Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly Statistics. Get Low-Rating Alerts and react immediate. Manage Reviews, Leads, Events, Coupons, Menus, Ads and more. Internal messaging to communicate with clients. Choose from many templates to create your announcements. Check your visitor reviews and ratings anytime anywhere.


Autopilot listing submission

Introducing Wild-Bot. A new tool that will help you submit your business listing ‘automatically’. Enter your business name, select your business from drop-down list and sit back and relax while the form is populated from Google Maps.


  • Makes it easy to add your new listing
  • Avoids Human Error, particular if a member of the community has listed your business for you
  • Grabs current information from Google Maps

Events Management (EMS)

Take things to another level now by hosting and promoting upcoming events directly on your business listing with a very simple way by using the Built-in Events Management system.

Deal & Coupons


You can drive more business by offering unlimited deals & coupons to your visitors, while also setting a count-down timer. Showcase in different styles and positions to fit your needs.


Coupon code
Count-down for deals
Easily manage from user-dashboard